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Thursday, June 28, 2012


Check the Pillars when Buying a Used Car

By  1 day ago
Having a car allows you to travel easily. To most of us, it is luxury and not many of us can afford abrand new carUsed cars are usually cheaper but we must be extra careful when buying used cars because there is a story for every car, and we won’t know except dealers and mechanics. So what do we look for when buying a used car?
Use your senses because you can’t bring along a mechanic to check the car that you are interested to buy, unless you are a mechanic yourself. I suppose you buy something without checking for more details, do you?
Look around the car, inside and outside; in the boot, under the car, check the rubber casings, and the engine area. This is to check if the car has been repaired or painted. You will know when you look at the right locations or angles. If it is repaired due accidents, you will be able to see jagged surface with slightly rusty at times.
A car has 4 pillars, and the A pillar is the most important part of a car structure. If you notice this pillar is damage, please do not buy the car because you are wasting your money. A damaged pillar will never be able to support the windshield like how it was designed. In that case, water will seep into the car when raining or when you wash your car.
Check the car bonnet. Open it and check whether the car has any engine oil before you start the engine. The car when switched on should be clean, cool and odourless emission to the minimum from the exhaust. Odourless emission means no burning smell, no strong fume smell, basically is almost without any smell. If you see smoky black emission, that means faulty engine. So if you can’t see the engine oil, there is a problem with the engine that the car sellers drain out the engine oil.
A good engine should not produce loud sounds. Furthermore, you should also not have problem changing gears. You can’t drive a car properly and safely when the gearbox gives you problem. This can be a serious problem that you must not take lightly.
If you have to see a layer of oil or bubbles when checking the radiator, there is a problem. It is either the cylinder wall or head got cracked, that oil leaked into the car’s cooling system.
A clean car is what you want, not a dirty and damaged car that you need to do fixings. You are a buyer who has the right to check thoroughly before payment. If everything goes well, the car is yours.

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