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Friday, June 29, 2012


Angelina visits Somali refugees in Tunisia last year

Angelina Jolie makes massive donation to Syria

She visited Syrian refugee camps in Turkey last week, bringing toys with her to give out to children and talking to families about what they had been through. 
The star also spoke at a press conference for the UNHCR to discuss why helping refugees was so important. According to the actress, who has interviewed refugees across the world, in order to flee their home, refugees must be at a point of such agony that all other alternatives are impossible. 
Some 4.3 million people were forced to flee their homes last year alone to escape injustice imposed by their governments. According to Angelina, there are an additional 2.7 million Afghani and 12 million people who do not hold any form of citizenship.
The actress said that sadly, the number of refugees around the world is increasing yearly and they are in dire need of assistance not only on a humane level but also on a political one. 

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